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Welcome to SpearDeals! You’ve found the best online source for spearfishing gear, equipment, supplies, and spears. Our online spearfishing and dive shop specializes in outfitting everyone from the beginner spearo to the advanced bluewater hunter.

At SpearDeals, our mission is to provide quality spearfishing gear and equipment for freediving at the best prices possible. From low volume dive masks to open cell freedive wetsuits and everything in between, SpearDeals has the best selection around.

If you can’t find a product online, feel free to give us a call. There is a high chance we can get it for you! Need a custom spear shaft or float line? Give us a phone call at 619-326-0906. We will work with you to get exactly what you need for your next underwater hunt.

We proudly carry quality brands including Riffe, Omer, Sporasub, Cressi, Beuchat, Neptonic Systems, Rob Allen , Pathos , Daryl Wong, Aeris, GoPro, Mori, Blue Tec, Gat-Ku,and many more!

Cressi Tracina 5mm Wetsuit The Mad Hueys - Captain's T-Shirt Riffe Pelagi-Tek Wetsuit 3.5mm
Cressi - Tracina Wetsuit 5mm
Our Price: $370.00
Sale Price: $330.00
You save $40.00!
Riffe Pelagi-Tek Wetsuit 3.5mm
Our Price: $380.00
Sale Price: $342.00
You save $38.00!
Riffe Covi-Tek Wetsuit 5mm Dive CAMO Tee Quadraxial Deep Apnea Carbon Fins 85cm
Riffe Covi-Tek Wetsuit 5mm
Our Price: $450.00
Sale Price: $405.00
You save $45.00!
Dive CAMO Tee
Our Price: $20.00
Spearmaster Slip Tips Riffe Euro 75 Riffe Euro Enclosed Track 110cm
SpearMaster Slip Tip
Our Price: $68.00
Riffe - Euro Series 75
Our Price: $546.00
Sale Price: $490.00
You save $56.00!
Riffe Euro Enclosed Track 110cm
Our Price: $596.00
Sale Price: $536.00
You save $60.00!

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Riffe DIGI-TEK Wetsuit 5mm

Our Price: $455.00
Sale Price: $409.00
You save $46.00!
Brand new for 2012. The Riffe DIGI-TEK wetsuit.

The new Riffe wetsuits are made using Yamamoto's top of the line CR Neoprene (100% Chloroprene).

This new DIGI-TEK camo was tested by the Riffe team in many different waters and reefs and is the best camo they have tested yet! The outer Lycra material is stronger than Nylon with better flexibility and superior hydrodynamic properties.

You will be amazed how comfortable the suit feels moving through the water!

Top Sellers

Rob Allen Composite Reel
Sale Price: $71.40
Riffe Euro 90X
Sale Price: $526.00

New Products

Rob Allen Crazy Chicken flasher
Our Price: $75.00
Moana Carbon Fiber Blades
Our Price: $350.00
Riffe GoPro Bracket
Sale Price: $18.00
Neptonic Crimping tool
Our Price: $26.00
Speargun Handle Frames
Our Price: $40.00