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Riffe Euro 120. Our #1 selling Speargun

Damien Salerno

Posted on October 17 2018

Riffe Euro 120
When choosing a speargun. People look at many variables when choosing the right speargun for their hunting environment. The Riffe Euro series is one of the most accurate shooting spearguns on the market. The Euro 120 is probably one of the best lengths for all around hunting in most decent visibility conditions. The Euro 120 has a effective shooting range of about 24 feet. This is important for being able to connect with pelagic game fish that are a bit more skittish than others. The Riffe Euro series models all come with two stainless steel inserts where the Riffe Horizontal Reel as the perfect addition to the speargun. For smaller spearguns 100cm and smaller Riffe offers a smaller Low Profile reel.

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