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White Seabass Season approaches, be prepaired!

Damien Salerno

Posted on March 06 2019

White Seabass Season approaches, be prepaired! - SpearDeals

As the winter months are starting to pass and the signs of spring are starting to show. It is time to get your spearfishing gear in order and get ready for the upcoming White Sea bass season.

Along the California coast in the the giant kelp beds the White Sea bass are starting to show up in numbers and size. Known to spearfisher as "Ghosts, the White Sea Bass is one of the hardest fish to hunt in the region. They are known as ghosts because as soon as they appear, they can disappear.

Being prepared with the right gear is your fist step of being successful in landing these great tasting fish. The preferred speargun of choice for the WSB is a mid handle version gun around 57-60" in length. The mid handle is a great option because of it's maneuverability and power. Next is to make sure you have plenty of float line  and a kelp carrot on the end. The reason you need a kelp carrot ( or small float) is because you will be diving in the thick kelp and a normal float will get stuck. The last thing we would suggest is having a utillity float that has both oral inflation and co2. This will help you keep pressure on the fish after connecting it to the float line so you can breath up and make dives on the fish to free it from the kelp.

It is shaping up to be a great season and hope to see everyone succeed out there!

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