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GatKu - Offshore Striker

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47äó? solid aluminum front section. Comes covered in our signature shrink-wrap grip and is designed to be used in conjunction with our NINEäó»ER and TENäó»ER.

Punching completely through thicker, larger fish can be challenging. Adding mass in the front section and taking away the flexibility of a the carbon graphite seems to be the key ingredients to landing large fish offshore.

Within seconds, change out your hybrid front section for the OffshoreStriker䋢. Want the big ones? Here's the tool for the job.

This newly developed front end replacement adds mass and rigidity to the front of the pole; opposed to the lighter/more flexible hybrid front section. The added weight and rigidity to the front is ideal for shooting denser pelagic species that are more difficult to penetrate. While it will not have the flexibility or durability of the standard hybrid front section, it adds velocity and punch when you need it most.