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Gannet - Slip Tip

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Precision machined from aviation grade 17-4 PH and certified hardened to a Rockwell of 45C. Fully fluted for greater penetration and rigged with 1100 pound, abrasion resistant Dyneema. Highly accurate and deadly with the holding power to land your hunt.

Made in USA

Thank you for considering Gannet Dive Company. Although we strive to manufacture the highest quality products, we cannot, due to the hazardous nature of the sport, guarantee your safety under any circumstances while using our products, even if used correctly. So please be safe.

We can, however, guarantee our materials and workmanship for the life of the product, and will repair or replace any damage at our discretion. Furthermore, we will replace any product at 50% of it's current retail price regardless of its condition or how it was damaged. Just send it back and we will replace it, for life, no questions asked. Excludes consumables.

As with all dive gear, proper maintenance is a must.