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Big Blue - AL220 & AL1000NP Combo Pack

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Combo Pack AL220/AL1000NP - Upgraded for 2015! This is the perfect Primary/back-up light starter kit for new certification divers or just for a full upgrade of your light equipment. Combo Pack includes (1) AL220 and (1) AL1000NP. See full descriptions of each light in their individual boxes.

The AL1000NP comes with Li-ion rechargeable battery and provides a narrow beam LED light with an output of 1000 lumens in an 10 degree light beam such as lightning in the silent sky. 

The AL220 is a multifunction aluminum LED light suitable for diving but can also be used for outdoor activities like hiking, running, camping, fishing, etc.

Combo Pack includes instruction manuel, 2 lanyards, 1 Li-ion rechargeable batter and charger.