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Capt Bly - Baja Series Roller/Kicker 55"


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55" x 5/16" shaftåÊ
5/8" Powerbands

Ultimate versatility is the name of the game with Captain Bly's 55" 3 stage roller/kicker. With multiple stages, you choose the amount of power to blast your trophy fish. Set it to the furthest third stage for maximum power to penetrate through thick bodied grouper or that white sea bass that likes to keep it's distance. Or shooting pargo or calicos closer to holes and reefs? No problem, power down to the first stage and blast the reef dwellers without worrying about bending your shaft.

The kicker band is a traditional band used in conjunction with the roller band. This helps with acceleration of the shaft when leaving the track, commonly associated with roller style guns.

Each of Captain Bly's spearguns are individually ballasted in actual ocean water for the perfect feel. Attention to detail is key with these spearguns.

A deadly accurate gun that combines its beauty with lethalness. This gun has been R&D in Baja for the past two years, taking countless tuna, white sea bass, grouper, wahoo, pargo, yellowtail and more on the filet table.


1-3 month time to •ÈÀdeliver•ÈÀ. These are handcrafted guns that require time to build.