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Capt Bly - Teak 62" Custom Midhandle

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If you are interested in a custom gun similar to this, please contact us or visitåÊCapt Bly Custom Spearguns

62" Enclosed Track 3/8"
Designed to use 4 - 5/8" Bands
Tested with 62" x 11/32" Shaft

A true work of art. Made of real teak laminates. This gun has enough mass to shoot thick shafts with 4 5/8" bands to absorb recoil, throwing your shaft far and accurate into tanker fish. Tapered sides allow easy maneuvering underwater, making it capable of tracking fast swimming pelagics like tuna and wahoo. This is a serious gun for a serious spearo.åÊ

Does not include shaft or bands. If interested, please call or email us and we will rig this speargun to your needs.