Ermes Leonardo 77 Reel

A first for underwater fishing, in 2 large line capacities, 50, and 100 meters, suitable for fishing in shore or blue water for pelagic species. The specific winding mechanism is not present on any other reel in the market. There is no more need for the operator to use their finger as a guide when retrieving the line trying to avoid having areas of massive overlaps or other empty. This feature also allows for more line capacity.With this system (patent pending) you will always have the same capacity, in fact, the line will wrap neatly with the coils next to one another, and will also avoid dangerous wigs.All components are of the highest quality, the coil is machined from solid acetal resin, the clutch knob has been redesigned and is comfortable and the ergonomic handle is made of sturdy steel with a handy knob. The chassi and other components are made of stainless steel, for resisting the elements. The operation is same with the now-proven Falco , the clutch is modular and user may stop adjusting it to the desired pressure, allowing the fish to tire. With this reel you can fish for large pelagic, without the need of the buoys.Specifications: Leonardo 57: capacity of about 150 feet of 1.8 mm SpearPro dyneema core reel line. Leonardo 77: capacity approximately 280 feet of 1.8 mm SpearPro dyneema core reel line.