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GatKu - Slip-tip Head

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A durable shaft teamed with a sleek and simplistic design. Triple our G1äó»s tensile strength, we have dedicated more research and development to this area of our quiver than to anywhere else - we are proud of the results and are confident it will serve you well. 8 years in the making, our G2 SlipTip is the weapon of choice for big fish, no fish is too big.

Dyneema is a great choice for soft flesh fish where as cable can potentially rip out of soft flesh.

Use this head for Grouper, Hogs, Snapper, Halibut, White Seabass, Yellowtail, and other pelagic fish. Commonly paired with our NINEäó»ER and TENäó»ER

Changing the angle of the hole in the tip allows the toggle line to bend back without the high-profile extrusion. We also counter-sink the hole so the knot fits snuggly inside the tip with little exposure. Made from 5/16" hardened stainless steel that rides on a 5/16" shaft. The DynemaŒ¬ slip line is embedded into the stainless tip. The result is a sleek design that leaves the smallest hole possible in your fish. Thread type is 3/8äóî24.