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IST - 60 Silicone Soft Flex Tube Snorkel

IST 60 Soft Flex Silicone Snorkel

$22.95 $24.95

The SN60 Semi-Dry snorkel has a highly advanced design proven to be the favorite of snorkelers and divers the world over.  The semi-dry water deflector on the top of the snorkel prevents nearly any water from splashing into the breathing tube. A large, supple purge valve allows for easy clearing in the case the snorkel is completely submerged.  Any incidental water in the snorkel will rest in a chamber out of the breathing passage until it is expelled with the next exhalation.  The tube is specially formed to minimize drag in the water without reducing the bore size, so it performs excellently under any exertion level.  The mask strap buckle has a quick-release clip for convenient attachment and storage.  The high quality hypoallergenic silicone mouthpiece and flex offer exceptional comfort for any snorkeler or scuba diver.