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JBL - Elite Series - Elite Woody Sawed-Off Magnum

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Team J&J recommends the Elite Woody Sawed Off Magnum for divers hunting structure in medium range visibility. This is a very capable speargun for reef and structure hunting in visibility up to twenty feet. The M-7 has the smoothest trigger pull of any trigger mechanism on the market, and accompanied with JBL's simple safety mechanism, makes it one of the safest. Open muzzle and 2 band set up is perfect for tackling fish up to 30 pounds. We recommend using this speargun with a reel or floatline, as it has the range and punch to take down very powerful game.

Elite Woody Sawed-Off Magnum feature hardened, 17-4 ph stainless shafts, shark-fin sling tabs and a top flopper with 5/16‰۝ pointed thread. Shoot Tahitian-style or remove the flopper and screw on one of our break- away tips for large gamefish. Bands are Hi-Mod 5/8‰۝ O.D. with abrasion resistant, spectra cord wishbones. Now all Woody series are featuring the new ‰ÛÏM-7‰Û_ Trigger mechanism and finned shaft rather than notched.

53" stock, 2 5/8" bands