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JBL - Explorer Series - Explorer 24

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If you're looking for a speargun that's big on performance while still leaving a little green in your wallet, the Explorer is perfect. Same quality as the Magnum Series: hardened stainless trigger and shaft, cast aluminum, two piece handle, but combined with a 1" aerospace alloy barrel for quick target acquisition and fatal results. Same parallel power source and low profile design make the Explorer perfect for cagy fish when the shot window is a split second. Lightning models feature Tru-Glide rail and 9/32" shaft. These guns are all about speed and accuracy. At the end of the day it's not the flash, but the fish count that really matters, and nothing stacks them up like the Explorer.

  • Explorer 24:
  • Overall Length: 50"
  • Shaft: 742-SA
  • Slings: Two #224 Slings
  • Point: 847-6
  • Reach: 21 feet *
  • Floatation: No
  • NOTE (*):åÊLength of gun, shaft and shockline combined.