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JBL - Woody Mid-Handle Magnum 56"

$558.00 $620.00

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The JBL Mid-Handle series guns maximize power and band stretch on a traditional open muzzle Mahogany stock, allowing for consistent, controllable accuracy and manageable recoil, while extending range and optimizing efficiency.

The 56" Magnum stock is perfect for longer range hunting conditions, where power and shot distance are important but conditions do not allow for length band stretch. The 62" 450 Magnum is set up strictly for high powered shots at long range, where only range and penetration count.åÊ

Because the mid-handle style optimizes the entire length of the gun, moving the trigger mechanism all of the way to the rear of the stock, mass and recoil are spread across a more manageable surface, and forward extension is minimized. For conditions like kelp beds or paddies, large reef game in clear water, or fast moving pelagic game, there is no choice but a mid-handle gun.

Featuring Bill Kitto's state of the art M8 trigger mechanism, the Elite Mid-handle line from JBL provides custom performance and high end longevity at an extremely competitive price point. Both Magnum and Magnum 450 models come with a 5/16" spring steel flopper shaft and 3 5/8" diameter black power bands. JBL Elite and Mid-Handle series guns come with a Limited 1 Year warranty.