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Kinetic - K65R Valkyrie


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As far as rollers are concerned, the K65R Valkyrie is top of the game and we would gladly put this to the test. The K65R is a powerhouse built for taking open water big game. Its size and design give unparalleled ease in lateral movement, an ultra-clean top profile, and a natural point of aim, all resulting in very quick target acquisition. The K65R’s proven double roller system produces near ZERO felt recoil, yet still packs a massive punch at distance. This power plant also allows for a much shorter speargun, of equal power, when compared to much larger, traditionally banded guns. This roller band system eliminates integrated hanging standard bands by integrating the standard band power inside the banding. Think of it in terms of a drag car at the race track. The bottom bands act as power off the line while the top bands are the top end horsepower to carry the spearshaft through the end of the gun. This is accomplished by physically limiting the amount of stretch in the top banding allowing the bottom bands full tension into the system. This all translates into seamless clean power.


  • Teak Construction

  • 12 X 16mm (5/8”) Power Bands

  • Includes an 11/32” X 65” Threaded Shaft

  • 65.5” Overall Length

  • Mid or Rear Handle Option Available

  • Custom Enclosed Track

  • Hogue Grip

  • Custom Inlay Available

  • Individually Crafted and Hand Ballasted

  • Custom Engraving Available