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Maverick America - Big Game Floatline 60'

Maverick America - Big Game Floatline 60'

Maverick America

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Big Game Float Lines are available in 60 and 100 footers, these blue medical grade vinyl float lines have heavy duty tuna cord wrapped inside and only the highest quality stainless steel ball bearing terminal connections. Made in USA.

• Tuna clip on one end and 500lb big game swivel w/SS shackle on the other & 300lb Snap Clip.
• Float Lines made for inshore hunting in a 60ft length
• Blue-water applications 100ft length.
• Frictionless tubing to avoid snagging on wetsuit or on the bottom
• Smooth in the hands
• Stuffed with 725lb Spectra cord and stainless connectors offering 20% stretch.
• For longer stretch, we recommend NORPRENE Bungee as vinyl has limited memory.
• Great for 99% of hunting applications when you need to put pressure on the fish or simply tow your float effortlessly.
• Velcro band for easy stowing.

Attach this to a worthy float and you have a great blue water set up.

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