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Meandros B32 - Naked


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The B-32 is the robust and the more evolved line of spearguns that the company has to offer that responds to the needs of the evolving spearo and demanding hunters that are not satisfied with simple tubular spearguns.

It consists of the top international most advanced ergonomic LEADER handle with a particularly low profile with a non-slip, anatomic grip, arming heel, reduced friction spear guide, water balance compartment, ambidextrous monofilament guide (line release), multi-purpose bore, etc.

Accompanied by the most advanced design inverted full inox / heavy duty trigger mechanism with minimal weight and sensitivity. The triggered extends the loading length by +9.5 cm it has an ambidextrous mechanical side fully functional line release.  A milestone and benchmark is revolutionary pin roller system - upon request  ιt offers reduced friction with zero wear at the point of contact with the bar but also distributes the load received from the bar at 3 points. Two contact points at the housing and one point at the hook which now accepts a small part of the pressure exerted and not 100% of it. The hook now has a much lower pressure at the point of contact with the trigger, with the result that the pressure exerted on the trigger to release the shaft is much less than a classic type reverse mechanism.

The multisided tubular barrel is made of aluminum alloy with an integrated trapezium  shaped, hydroplaning guide, which delivers stiffness with a minimum weight of positive buoyancy +4.16 gr / cm. Complete anode protection per piece and not per bar. The thickness of the barrel wall perimetrically for greater stiffness is uneven (1.50mm - 2.10mm depending on the stress point) overcoming the rest of the circular tubes one might find in the market.

Noteworthy is the minimalist high strength line guide that "hugs" the thread into the body of the muzzle while preventing jams and oscillations during unwinding and movement, while keeping the thread always close to the barrel body and preventing uncontrolled flow of. The Bungee hole is positioned to prevent jams, oscillations at the line lengths by bringing the Bungee to the barrel side line where it works perfectly in harmony with the trigger mechanism and the muzzle line guide.

Its base can adopt all the reels that we produce.

Lengths Available: 95cm, 115cm