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Moana - Carbon Fiber Euro Blades

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  • NEW PRODUCT! We are catering to those that prefer a shorter fin, 74 cm.
  • Available in Euro Medium and Euro Soft.
  • Shorter length means less load, more manueverability, more comfort.
  • Particularly well suited for long days on the water, long surface swims, or in tight spaces.
  • Excel in general conditions but well suited for deep diving with smaller, faster kickstrokes.
  • The market will decide, but during testing, everyone loved these fins and has become the fin of choice for several team members for general use.
  • Adhering to our love of convex tips, we tried to squeeze in as much surface area into a short fin as possible. So, we chose two convex shapes rotated inward to give an overall concave but with nearly the flow and release of a pure convex tip.
  • Keeping up with the namesake, shorter, softer fins are the rage in Europe for deep diving.̴Ì_ ̴Ì_̴Ì_