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Neptonics - Pressure Pro Floatline

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This float line design put forth by Neptonic Systems is an essential gear item for the pelagic fisherman's arsenal. 1400lb test spectra line runs through the length of the hollow vinyl line providing superior strength and appropriate stretch for battling large fish such as white sea bass and yellowtail. Another consideration that will aid in the fight against speared fish is the 10ft section of rubber bungee that ends in a streamline spectra loop allowing easy and more importantly, a silent connection to the spearo's gun. The bungee section will allow 350% stretch and puts forth 35lb of resistance. Such stretch will prevent unfortunate "tear out's" from fish and ultimately lead to MORE LANDED FISH! Float lines are available in the following lengths:

* 50 ft. (15.2M)
* 75 ft. (22.9M)
* 100 ft. (30.4M)
* 120 ft. (36.6M)


Neptonics Pressure Pro Lines available in blue, red, yellow, white & black