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OMER - 3D Camo 7mm Bottom


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- The Omer 3D camo wetsuit with an open cell interior and Nylon exterior.

- We are the first company to introduce a 3 Dimensional photographed camouflage pattern giving the diver the opportunity to camouflage themselves virtually perfectly on the bottom. In practice the bottom environment is reproduced on the wetsuit with marine vegetation like seaweed, crustaceans etc. The colors were selected to blend in with the majority of sea bottom. This is the perfect speafishing wetsuit for any hunter. The cut is preformed and has been reshaped to increase comfort and improve sizing.

- Available in 3mm, and 5mm equipped with a new chest pad reinforcement that is higher from top to bottom to assist the hunter comfortably in a two-part loading phase.

- The beaver tail uses the conventional Omer two button nylon locking system. The thickness is printed on the wrists. The bottoms are reinforced around the knee area with abrasion resistant material. Sold in high waist style, and Farmer John. The thickness is printed on the calf.