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OMER - Stingray Carbon Fins

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The new Omer Stingray Carbon fins feature carbon fiber blades manufactured using the infusion technology with innovative double vacuum process. Thanks to this technology the carbon fiber stands are impregnated perfectly in the resin without the risk of forming micro bubbles and with an optimal distribution of the resin itself. In addition the percentage of necessary resin is reduced considerably more than before with a great increase in performance characteristics of the blade. The specific carbon fiber strand used was developed specifically for the manufacture of freediving fins and patented.


The underlying result is a very comfortable fin, in part thanks to the thermo-rubber foot-pockets, providing high performance to the diver. Aside from not tiring out the diver's legs while kicking on the surface for extended periods the Stingray Carbon blades push the diver the most during descents and ascents even in great depths.̴Ì_

The interchangeable blades are available in three degrees of stiffness: 20 soft, 25 medium, and 30 hard.̴Ì_

The sizes of the Omer Stingray̴Ì_ foot-pockets are 41-42,43-44,45-46 and 47-48.