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Outer Edge Speargun Package

Outer Edge Speargun Package

$312.29 $397.21

Package - Float
Package - Floatline
Package - Speargun is now offering special package options at great discounts! Customize your package to meet your specific needs! The Outer Edge Package is a great speargun setup for the diver hunting in deeper reefs, outside kelp lines, or areas wtih greater visibility.

Free James & Joseph Spearfishing Supplies snap-back hat included in every package order!

Speargun Options:Rob Allen Tuna 1100 , Pathos Laser Open Pro 110 , orRiffe Euro E-110

Floatline Options:
Neptonics Redtide 66' or 100' Floatline

Float: ScubaMax Torpedo Float with Flag

*Gun and floatline sizing in picture may vary from actual product