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Riffe Digi-Tek 2-PIECE LYCRA SUITS - Hooded Top ONLY

$113.40 $126.00

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The Riffe 2 piece Digi-Tec lycra suit is a Super comfortable fitting option for tropical water diving. Protects from sun and jellyfish while blending in with nature‰ۡó»s surroundings. Farmer John bottom includes added protection on the shins with flexible Lycra foot bands to prevent pant legs from slipping upward. Hooded top includes a chest loading pad and added protection on the bottom & back arm panels. Velcro padded beaver tail makes connection very simple to secure and for comfortable fit. Available in Digi-Tek, Reef and Blue Camo patterns (tops and bottoms sold separately). Sizes: Small ‰ۡÌÝÌÕ XXXL̴Ì_

**Hooded Tops and Farmer Johns Sold Separately