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Riffe - DIGI-TEK Wetsuit 3.5mm


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The Riffe DIGI-TEK wetsuit 3.5mm wetsuit is one of the best spearfishing /freediving wetsuits on the market today. The Riffe 3.5mm wetsuit is best suited for waters from 70 degrees to upper 70's. The Digi Tek camo works best for the reef areas of Florida and other tropical areas.̴Ì_

The new Riffe wetsuits are made using Yamamoto's top of the line CR Neoprene (100% Chloroprene).

This new DIGI-TEK camo was tested by the Riffe team in many different waters and reefs and is the best camo they have tested yet! The outer Lycra material is stronger than Nylon with better flexibility and superior hydrodynamic properties.

You will be amazed how comfortable the suit feels moving through the water!

  • 2 Piece Suit, 5mm and 7mm Farmer John, 3.5mm high waist with hooded top with built-in chest loading pad
  • Yamamoto Neoprene (Grade 39) Open Cell
  • Face, wrist and ankle seals to prevent water entry
  • Knee pads