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Riffe - Torpedo 2 Float

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The Riffe Torpedo Float (aka Torpedo 2) is the most durable beginner float that we carry. The Riffe Torpedo 2 is perfect for traveling and can help land fish close to 100lb mark. The torpedo float has the option of attaching a dive flag for better abilities to spot divers, especially from rough seas or unaware boaters.

Special Features:
    • 40" Length, 10" diameter with a tapered nose
    • Same materials as 2-Atmosphere float, including separate bladder and sheath
    • Option to include 24" Fiberglass flag pole
    • 12" Square diver down flag
    • 80 lbs. of lift at surface; inflated up to 10 PSI, this float will maintain 80lbs of lift down to 33 feet
    • Stainless steel D-Ring for effortless towing
    • Side & Rear handles
    • Hi-Vis rescue orange
    • Built in overpressure dump valve, manual inflation
    • Also used by scuba training classes as a safety float
    • Re moveable Weight System
    • Designed with travel in mind, the TORPEDO DIVERS FLOAT
    • is easily inflated by mouth, and when deflated stores for travel. Inflate with compressor or schrader pump to achieve maximum inflation and lift.