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Salvimar - Bite Air Snorkel

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The Salvimar Bite Air Snorkel provides comfort and visibility in a traditional design. The mouthpiece and air tube have an ergonomic design that follows the shape of your face. This reduces its visibility in your line of sight while freediving, spearfishing or snorkeling. A hypoallergenic silicone mouthpiece offers a comfortable fit for extended dive time. Designed in a classic J-shape, there aren't any extra valves or levers to leak or break down. It has an adjustable fixed-loop snorkel keeper that stays secure for any amount of diving or snorkeling you might be doing. Designed for spearfishing and freediving Hypoallergenic silicone for comfort and hygiene Ergonomic contoured air tube for visibility underwater Traditional J-style design for leak-free diving Comfortable fitting mouthpiece for reduced jaw fatigue and extended use Adjustable fixed-loop snorkel keeper for comfort