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Sea Sniper - 3mm Blue Camo

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3mm Blue Camo with Yellowfin Skeletons

  • Yamamoto 39 Rubber
  • 2 Piece High Waist Design
  • Custom Camo by Amadeo Bachar
  • Scope Logo Loading Pad
  • Ergonomic Knee and Elbow Panels
  • Durable Polyurethane Reinforcemant Panels

After meticulous testing and design, we are proud to introduce our full line of wetsuits. Built from Yamamoto 39 rubber with our own ergonomic fit, these suits offer the most flexibility and warmth for any diving conditions. Designed by Amadeo Bachar, each camo pattern is unique for specific habitats, so the colors and patterns allow you to blend in perfectly with your surroundings. Ergonomically designed elbow and knee panels allow for maximum flexibility and fit, while our polyurethane dot pattern helps to provide protection for the neoprene in these high contact areas. Our scope logo loading pad is the finishing touch and provides the extra padding needed to reload all day with no worries.̴Ì_

Ergonomically shaped elbow panels allow for a comfortable fit and ease of movement while swimming or hauling in a big fish. This panel wraps from the back of the elbow down around the wrist and is covered with our PU protective dot pattern to prevent wear and tear.

Our leg panel is specially designed to give you protection on the high impact areas around the knee while it wraps comfortably around the calf, allowing for the least amount of seams around the knee area to help avoid chafing and fatigue while kicking up current.


48 62-64in 110-125lb 48 158-162cm 50-57kg
50 63-65in 119-137lb 50 161-166cm 54-62kg
52 65-67in 132-159lb 52 166-171cm 60-72kg
54 67-69in 156-178lb 54 171-176cm 71-81kg
56 69-71in 176-198lb 56 176-181cm 80-90kg
58 71-73in 198-220lb 58 181-186cm 90-100kg
60 73-75in 220-242lb 60 186-191cm 100-110kg
62 75-77in 242-275lb 62 190-196cm 110-125kg