Sea Sniper Rear Handle Open Track - Tan Digi

This top-of-the-line gun has all the features of the standard Euro gun, and more. A special blend of Mahogany and Red Balau with an enclosed UHMW track make the barrel strong, without over-weighting the gun. The rounded top deck and belly keep it hydrodynamic for quick maneuvering. The handle is constructed of mahogany in an ergonomic shape over a stainless steel frame for strength and durability, and the hand-rubbed matte epoxy finish complete this sleek piece of art. A scaled-down UHMW enclosed track prevents shaft whip, without compromising strength.


Multi-laminated Mahogany/Red Balau

Open track

Stainless steel trigger mechanism with side release

Ergonomic Mahogany grip over stainless steel frame

Finned Addiction shaft with single flopper

Flat plate muzzle with double machine screw band change-out

Stainless steel muzzle-mount line anchor

Unique hidden knot line loop in handle

Hand rubbed two part marine epoxy under semi-gloss finish automotive clear coat