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Sea Sniper - RH EnclosedTrack 110

SSRHE Sea Sniper Rear Handle Enclosed Track

$649.00 $675.00

This top-of-the-line gun has all the features of the standard Euro gun, and more. A special blend of Mahogany and Red Balau with an enclosed UHMW track make the barrel strong, without over-weighting the gun. The rounded top deck and belly keep it hydrodynamic for quick maneuvering. 
The handle is constructed of mahogany in an ergonomic shape over a stainless steel frame for strength and durability, and the hand-rubbed matte epoxy finish complete this sleek piece of art. 
A scaled-down UHMW enclosed track prevents shaft whip, without compromising strength. 

- Multi-laminated Mahogany/Red Balau 
- Enclosed UHMW track 
- Stainless steel trigger mechanism with side release 
- Ergonomic Mahogany grip over stainless steel frame 
- Finned Addiction shaft with single flopper 
- Flat plate muzzle with double machine screw band change-out 
- Stainless steel muzzle-mount line anchor 
- Unique hidden knot line loop in handle 
- Hand rubbed two part marine epoxy under matte finish automotive clear coat 

- 9/32″ Mori slip tip – Available on SSE 130 and 110 
- Break away hardware and setup – Available
- Rob Allen composite reel – Available on all models