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SEAC Body Fit 1.5mm Camo

SEAC Body Fit 1.5mm Wetsuit

$169.00 $190.00

Model: 1.5 mm-thick one-piece suit. ‰ۢ Outer lining: Standard nylon with the exclusive camouflage pattern SEAC designed with a computer program to allow a perfected composition of the image. Green/blue coloration. ‰ۢ Inner lining: Nylon. ‰ۢ Outer stitching: flat stitching - Anatomic life. ‰ۢ Arms and legs: preformed and pre-angled. ‰ۢWrists and ankles: toroidal ring in Smooth Skin. ‰ۢ Materials: knee protection in TatexPU Print and sternum protection in 2 mm-thick Melco.