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Sportube - Series #2


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  • 11"w X 6"d (280mm x 152mm)
  • Adjustable in length from 48" to 83" (122cm to 212cm)
  • Weighs 12lbs (5.45kg

Why risk damage to expensive guns, shafts, spearpoints and fins by packing them in a soft bag? Our Sportube cases will protect all your gear whether you are checking it with the airlines, shipping it via FedEx/UPS or just loading it in the back of the truck. Three models to accommodate many lengths of fins and numbers of spear

Sportube cases are the preferred product to protect the pros gear.
"Sportube was chosen by the USA Spearfishing Team for the safety, security and ease in packing and traveling. In one Series 3 Sportube I was able to carry 9 guns, a full suit, a pair of fins and most of my small accessories. They are easy to adjust to any size load and have a durable set of wheels for easy travel."
-Mike McGuire, 4x National Champion, 2x USA Team Member
"The Sportube is the ONLY travel case I use to protect my gear. Its simplicity of design, and sturdy construction make it the choice of divers all over the world. Being that type that overpacks for trips, especially competitions, I can fit a TON of gear in one tube and usually meet the airlines weight standards."
-Dennis Haussler, 3x National Individual Champion, 3x National Team Champion, 2x Big Fish Winner National Comps, USA Team Member 2004 Chile World Championships
"Your lightweight and very durable Sportube product enabled me to take the necessary spearguns and dive equipment I needed yet stayed within the rigid checked luggage weight restrictions when traveling to Iquique, Chile last year. After 34 hours of flight and four plane changes, it was reassuring to know that my three spearguns & shafts, Matrix fiberglass fins and other dive gearåÊtraveledåÊwithout harm (or extra baggage fees!) in my Series-2 Sportube. Thank you for having such a reliable product!"
-Brandi Easter, 2004 Women's Team USA Member, 2x Women's US National Champion