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Underwater Kinetics water cooled LED technology provides one of the brightest and most efficient beams available in an underwater torch. LED lights will burn brighter, cooler, and longer than traditional xenon or halogen bulbs, and are the only choice for commercial or recreational diving.

With up to 275 lumen, the UK C4 LED torch is the perfect all around underwater light.  Two power settings allow the diver to switch from full power to 190 lumen at the flick of a finger, providing for optimal beam penetration/refraction in any water clarity, and extending the 8 hour burn time to over 15.  The torch's ergonomic pistol grip makes handling the beam for strategic hunting a breeze, and the sleek profile of this comparably small light help it fit easily in to deep lobster caves, or stored on the weightbelt.  UK utilizes beam focusing technology that allows for a highly concentrated stream of light toward the center to penetrate in to heavy particulate, but still accomplishes well lit peripheral illumination.