Argos Extreme Gear Duffle Bag - XL

The Argos “Extreme Duffle XL” is the last dive bag you will buy. At 42 inches in length, it will fit any size freedive fins leaving tons of room for all your other gear. Built with heavy duty mesh, waterproof PVC Tarpaulin, cross hatch stitching at all pressure points and large no corrosion plastic zippers, Argos has built this bag to last. Mesh allows the bag to breath but the bottom of the bag is waterproof PVC so that your wet gear won’t leak through. Gear XL can be carried like a normal duffel bag (by the handles or shoulder strap) or the extra-long handles can be used as shoulder straps to backpack in to your favorite dive spot. If you also purchase the “Dry Gear XL” dry backpack, you can attach (by way of the removable compression strap snaps) this bag to the backpack. You will have the best of both worlds; a dry backpack for everything you want to stay dry, with an attached dive bag for your dive gear. Just put everything on your back and go. This bag also features a semi dry (it will not get wet unless submerged) pocket on the end of the bag and a internal mask/ snorkel pocket. This mask pocket is designed to fit your mask and attached snorkel, keeping it from being damaged at the bottom of the bag. We think you’ll agree, this is the last dive bag you need to buy!