Picasso Blood Camo Wetsuit 5mm

The Picasso Blood Camo wetsuit is a new 2 piece suit in red for maximum visibility on the surface. However, it’s still extremely well camouflaged underwater as the colour red is the 1st to disappear after a depth of 15 feet.

It is made from top quality non compressible neoprene 4 way super stretch externally and open cell interior (except for 1.5mm which has a fabric nylon interior). The Picasso Camo Blood wetsuit also has a new and improved ultra-ergonomic cut.

The reinforced knee pads are made from Supratex which is a very resistant anti-cut fabric. There is also a long padded chest protection, and the face, wrists and ankles are reinforced with 4 way super stretch water seals.

***Please view the size charts in the gallery pictures before ordering to ensure you receive the correct size. Based on your preference, if you are in between sizes please order the lower size for a tighter fit and the higher size for a looser fit***